The Stockroom ✰ What's your Alibi? - EM2 Groningen

The Stockroom ✰ What’s your Alibi?

Datum: 31/07Deur open: 16:00
Genre: Cocktails & Food

During the summer EM2 and The Stockroom blend their features into a exceptional mix: The Stockroom with their know how about the best Cocktails Recipes and the Secret Garden of EM2 as a more than welcoming surrounding. Together we make you feel like you are on a holiday in paradise.

This week is the second event Stockroom is hosting at EM2, with this time Alibi Rum in the spotlight. In cooperation with Thomas Henry, we’ve put together a gallant menu, consisting of 3 Alibi-based cocktails. The bar service will be performed by a true star ensemble of bartenders.

Alibi Aged Rum is distilled in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago & Jamaica, but blended in The Netherlands. After dedicating more than a decade to the art of mixology, award winning bartender and bar owner, Hani Asfdaai, wanted to develop a blended rum marrying the flavours from different distilleries to develop a deep range of complexity. The result is a dark, blended rum, that bartenders can rely on to deliver a consistent, interesting flavour across a wide range of cocktails or sipped neat.

Curious? Be there!

The EM2 will serve fitting pizza’s with a Caribbean touch.

=> Want to eat? Please make a reservation in advance.
=> Just drinking & joking? You can pop-by.

Open 16.00
Pizza 17.00
Till 23.45