29 maart, 2018, zaal open: 21:00 aanvang: eindtijd: 04:00
Prijs € 16,50


Bam! We lanceren een nieuw concept met onze goede buren van Paradigm! Paradigm live! Een avond en nacht met een super fijne line-up van live elektronica!

Paradigm *live is a new idea we shaped to give the spotlight to the electronic live music scene. The first session will be in the newly constructed EM2 Groningen club at De Suiker, right next to Het Zeefgebouw and will host 3 stylized performances for us all to enjoy.


∆ Elektro guzzi

An Austrian trio of guitar, bass and drums, Elektro Guzzi overcomes the boundary between analogue versus digital, performing live techno with the drive of a machine and the sonic detail of an instrument – without any computers or loopers. We can’t wait to see them knocking it out of the park!

∆ Polynation
Polynation will bring us a sweet blend of deep synths and eclectic beats with their performance! Expect a double helix of a range of electronic beats and live drums, coated heavily in techno, ambient and world music. Their performance at Paradigm Festival was truly amazing, so we can’t wait to see them play once more!

Fenn aka Fenneke and Frank are a one of a kind duo where their specific “indietronica” charged with a broad spectrum of different tunes will definitely catch you by surprise. The mixture in electronic beats and RnB weaved together with the complementary basslines and synths will leave you wanting more!

Orchid and Wordbites will utilize their music and spoken word to freestyle everything together into a great mesh of melodic entertainment.

We can’t wait for you to join us into a deeper expedition into the world of live electronic beats and tunes. See you there!


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