ONDER DE PANNEN w/ DAVID VUNK GEANNULEERD vanwege maatregelen covid

Datum: 05/05Deur open: 15:00
Prijs: €21,-Genre: Italo Disco // house

What to do when it’s your first anniversary AND liberation day? Simple, you bring some of the finest chefs to town! We’re very pleased to announce that David Vunk, Betonkunst and Ivy Knock will serve dinner on the 5th of May. This event will be hosted at one of the most majestic venues that our city has to offer: EM2. With an afternoon garden hang-out, good food and a night full of disco, synth, and Italo inside the barn. There is no better way to enjoy your freedom on this memorable day.


Dit evenement wordt verplaatst naar later in het jaar ivm Corona-Restricties