9 mei, 2019, zaal open: aanvang: 20:00 eindtijd: 02:30
Prijs € 5,-

EM2 will take your hunger away and prepare you for a nice weekend full of swing. The new event series Kukuma stands for Kunst & Cultuur Maaltijd, or Arts & Culture Meal in English. Tasty? That’s a promise!

The menu for our first event is as follows:


  • DJ Coco Coquelicot will bring a passion far jazz nurtured since her childhood years. At 15 she was already making mixtapes for her friends. Tonight she’s performing for you.
  • Andrei Buscovanu will build a gigantic & appetizing musical and tactile installation, that will remind you that there’s more to sound than your ears lead you to believe.
  • Livia Rib will invite you to view yourself in a different light through a lens of nostalgia with a new-found sense of curiosity.

Main Dish:

  • AMKA Live and Angelos Messios will guide you into a deep state of trance with their live jazz, and cooking performance, that’ll get even your olfactory nerve jiving. You don’t want to miss this.


  • A VJ and DJ collab you don’t want to miss. Sachiko and Michiel Teuw will create an awe-striking audiovisual performance.
  • For those who like to end the night on a sweet note, we invited a newly formed DJ Collab – Real Friends, comprised of DJ Djeff, DJ Sachiko & DJ Jasper that will present you with a multicultural musical cuisine.

Tickets at the door: €5,- (included food)

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