✰ Secret Garden ✰ The Cave ✰

Datum: 02/07Deur open: 16:00
Prijs: €FreeGenre: Clubbing

Onder de noemer ✰ Secret Garden ✰ vieren we de zomer. Kom naar de tuin van EM2 en waan je in een Piece-of-Paradise. Lekker weg, maar toch dichtbij! Met elke vrijdag & zaterdag de chillste sounds gebracht door een keur aan DJ’s. Op het menu tasty houtoven pizza’s, met regionale producten, en fancy pancy drinks. 

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With “Secret Garden” we celebrate summertime with wood oven pizzas (with toppings from the region) nice drinks & music. An edgy garden, terrace and hammocks are waiting for you for some extra chill vibes.
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Get lost in our garden and get yourself back on track by the uplifting tunes of…

☾☾☾ Vr. 2 Juli ☾☾☾ The Cave
Back in the days, like 179645 years ago, they threw some awesome partyes overhere. Hopefully anytime soon! For the time being they will rule over our garden with some house, minimal & techno. 

=> Want to eat? Please make a reservation in advance.
=> Just drinking & joking? You can pop-by.

Open 16.00
Pizza 17.00
Music +/- 18.00 Till 23.00